Effective January 7, 2016

  • - Members are completely responsible for the actions and conduct of their guests.

  • - Members are permitted to have a total of Four guest visits per membership year. (I.e. 2 people twice each, 1 person twice and 2 more people once each, 4 separate people once each, etc.) Additional visit credits may be requested from the Executive and will be issued in special circumstances.

  • - If a member’s guest joins the club, their visits will be removed from the member’s guest visit count.

  • - A guest may attend up to two times; but must join before being permitted to return the third time.

  • - Guests may not bring personal firearms. Guests may only shoot member’s firearms.

  • - At General Shoots; Members must share their shooting position on the line with their guest.

  • - When members bring spectators who do not shoot, these spectators are not considered guests. (I.e. if a Range Officer brings their spouse to be the second person on the range.)

  • - Attendance at official competitions & training sanctioned by AMA’s executive & included on the AMA Calendar are not considered guest attendance.


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