What does it TAKE to beCOME a member of AMA?

To become a member: fill in the application form and submit it with your dues. You MUST mail your application to the club's PO Box address.

The Board normally responds promptly to your application with the target of replying to you within two weeks of receipt. Note however that the Board does not meet during the summer months so new membership applications received during the summer may not be reviewed until the fall.

If you are a new shooter, you will have to successfully complete the club's introductory safety course before you will be given membership. The course is conducted on Sundays, about once a month if there is demand, and takes about 2 hours to complete. If you do not complete the course within first three available sessions, your application will be rejected and your fees will be refunded. Upon completion of the introductory course, you will be issued a probationary membership.


the safety course is not run over the summer months.

If you are applying with suitable previous experience such as an IPSC Black Badge Course, membership in another gun club for more than two years or other suitable experience or training, the Board will consider this experience and may waive the requirement to complete the introductory course and directly issue you a probationary membership.

After 3 months of safe and responsible probationary membership, the Board will review your file and will issue your permanent membership.

All Forms (Application and Renewal) and cheQUEs must be mailed to the PO Box address.


You can expect a response in about 2 working weeks. Do not expect to be able to arrange for any expedited service, even if you need it to meet licensing or regulatory requirements.