Welcome to the Atlantic Marksmen Association

The AMA is a civilian shooting association dedicated to the shooting sports. The AMA and our ranges and are made for shooters. We want all to enjoy them. Please come and visit us during any scheduled shoot or contact us by phone, e-mail or mail.
The association is organized into three sections: Handgun, Sporting Rifle and Match Rifle. Members can participate in any or all of the individual sections. AMA owns and operates two range facilities: An indoor range in Dartmouth operated year round; and an outdoor range near the Halifax Airport operated during the warmer months.

Quick Links:

Charles Davis Indoor Range

The Club Headquarters, located at 6 Clement St., Dartmouth

Ralph Dunn Outdoor Range

Operated by AMA during the summer months, located in Devon at 2965 Old Guysborough Road.

Upcoming Events

2018 Winter Postal Match - Download the PDF here!